today i had a conversation with a friend about my post-maternity leave plans. there are so many issues and scenarios swirling in my mind about what i will do with my career after the baby comes  that i just went silent for a minute and then exhaled truthfully, “i don’t know.”

but here’s the bit of wisdom she shared with me. it’s my choice. i’ve felt this whole time like i was stuck.. stuck in a job that i’m not 100% about, stuck because i haven’t sowed the seeds of my own business to be able to transition to after my leave. but the thing is i have options and i have choice, and i have some time.

in an ideal world (with or without baby), i would telework permanently. i would wake up at 630 or 7 am, make some hot water with lemon while i meditated and set my personal intentions for the day. i’d put on some workout clothes and take a walk to our nearby park with my baby and my puppy. then i’d come home and do a quick workout. around 9, i’d start my workday in my home office, doing work that empowers women and girls. i’d take a full hour break for lunch, writing down ideas for a personal blog, prepping ingredients for dinner, and snuggling or caring for the babes. i’d finish up work by 4, and play outside a bit/take the kids to the YMCA for a swim, and then do some household chores and prep dinner. when S came home, we’d eat (maybe with my parents/maybe without) and go to the park again. then we’d put the babe to rest around 7:30 or 8 and then have some couple catch up time until we went to sleep.

i can practically taste this world. it’s already very close to my actual world. the only thing i need to make happen is securing a telework arrangement. i want to work, i just want to work on my schedule. without the 2 1/2 hour commute, i could and would do so much more.

i’ve been doing a lot to set my plan into action, but things won’t realize themselves until late 2015. in the meantime, i’m churning it out. hustlin; dreamin; thinkin’ big and small thoughts. it’s my choice and it’s my time.

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