memorial day weekend came and went without any real anything. scott built the little guy’s crib, i did about 5 loads of laundry, we cooked salmon steaks. i ate more than my fair share of haribos and chocolate covered pecans. if things had gone as originally planned, scott and i would have been celebrating our first wedding anniversary this weekend. instead, we’re about 1.5 years into our marriage. and instead of drinking, BBQing, going to the beach, we basically locked ourselves in our home, put a “keep out” sign on the door, and truly savored these last few weeks of our status as {only} man and wife. very very soon, we’ll be mommy and daddy. we recognized and discussed the finality in the last minute and random way we just decided to hit up lowe’s and get subway sandwiches, and how we got to shower, together.. the feeling was familiar, i sensed on our flight back from fiji that i’d never see fiji again. the life we know and love is limited, and i’m scared. we’re going to have a little human to love and care for and worry about, and i hope, with everything in me, that he inherits his father’s eyes.

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